Burn-FIX 4" X 4" First Aid Burn Gel Dressing – Immediate Pain & Relief Burn Cream - Hydrogel For 1st, 2nd Degree Burns - Chemical, Razor & Sunburns - Burn Care Treatment for Home, Work & Fire | 8 Pack

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Burn-FIX takes advantage of the soothing and antimicrobial properties of all-natural tea-tree oil and combines it with a perfectly viscous hydrogel to cool the wound and protect from infection. Open cell foam dressings retain the hydrogel for extended relief. The design allows for superior heat dissipation, where heat dissipates through the dressing. Burn-FIX is a wound healing product that can reduce pain, speed up healing and minimize scarring. It uses a unique blend of scarless pigments to help promote faster wound closure by reducing moisture loss and protecting sensitive skin. I have used Burn-FIX on numerous patients as well as myself for burns and skin injuries. It helps wounds and burns, heal and reduces the pain associated with them. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use first aid product that does what the name says, I recommend you try this. Michael S. Miller DO, FACOS, FAPWCA, WCC is Board Certified in General Surgery and a Certified Wound Specialist

TAKES THE BURN OUT & STOPS THE PAIN:  Burn-Fix proprietary formula burn gel dressing is indispensable. Immediately place the sterile burn dressing on the burned area and notice how quickly the burning stops. Unique as it acts as a "heat sink" and pulls the heat of the burn. Burn-Fix is the best burn wound dressing available today and may save a trip to the emergency room.

MOISTURIZES & STARTS THE HEALING PROCESS: Treat your burns faster and more effectively with our Burn Gel Dressing. The gel dressing will pull moisture from the skin and increase the speed at which your wound heals. Non-adherent- helps protect against contamination. After placing the 4 X 4 burn relief dressing, you can wrap it with gauze or plastic wrap for additional protection.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: To Feed Your Skin Back to Health. Our non-prescription, sterile dressing burn pads also just feel good on your skin unlike anything other burn treatment else you can use. Non-adherent- Helps Protect Against Contamination. Just know that it can take twenty minutes for the burn to cool down enough for surgery. If a patient needs to be rushed to the emergency room and has burned, place Burn-Fix gel on the burns as soon as possible before traveling.

CONVENIENT 8 PACK BURN BANDAGES: Must have for workers around the fire, kitchen, and recreation. Keep in home, car, boat, RV, and camping first aid kits. Just add Burn-FIX burn dressings to your First Aid supplies to make a specialty burn kit. The sterile "burn" gel should be applied with caution as it is acidic, so protective gloves are suggested for handling.

BURN-FIX UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: Burn-Fix is the best burn wound dressing available today and may save a trip to the emergency room. We sincerely care about your satisfaction, and we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If our product does not meet your expectations, send the product back and we will happily refund you without any questions. Do not hesitate, simply click “ADD TO CART” to order yours today!

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